How much does it cost to fit artificial grass?

Artificial turf has become more and more popular in recent years, with A growing number of artificial turf fields for football, gateball, tennis, and golf. From business places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and car showrooms, to family courtyards, balconies, roofs, and swimming pools, we can see landscaping artificial lawns of different heights, colors, and designs.

More and more people ask How much does it cost to fit artificial grass?

First, depending on the pure cost of the artificial grass, The price of artificial turf varies greatly due to its height (7mm-70mm), density (13650-52000 Stitches /m2), pound weight (Dtex), and warranty period provided by the manufacturer. Price from 1-10 USD per square meter.

Second, The price of auxiliary materials, such as Joint tape, Upin Nails, Glue, Underpad, Granules, Silica Sand, anti-weed barrier, or clothes.

Finally, labor charges, it is much different in different countries, 

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