Quality Assurance Provisions of Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd

1. RestrictiveAssurance:

Thanks for purchasing artificial turf from Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd. We assure that, under
normal conditions, our product can maintain its stability and durability within the warranty period and meet the
requirements of use.

2. Commitment:

Artificial grass
Product: The Grass code of us
Addressed to:

from Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd ,with a warranty period of _5_years (according to different
weather conditions across the country, including ultraviolet radiation intensity, acidity and alkalinity of the land,
local annual rainfall,yearly temperature change trends,etc.)

Within the warranty period, We will be responsible for replacing the defected turf for free results from qualityproblems of turf itself.

For any artificial turf customers purchased from us, within the warranty period, if cannot meet the standards wecommit to, we will provide the original contract, the product required by the project, replace the defective parts.Or, to solve the defect problems of the product as soon as possible by the agreement both sides have mutuallyaccepted and agreed on after equal negotiation. Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd is not responsiblefor moving, handling or installing the defective artificial turf.

3. Scopes of warranty:

The guarantee does not apply for the following conditions:
(1)The product is not for sports fields or landscaping purposes.
(2)Damage caused by improper installation.
(3)Damage caused by improper handling or repair.
(4)Damage caused by long-time reflected sunlight from objective like glass,mirror,etc.
(5)Damage like disorded laying derection yarn or deformated grass carpet caused by heavy loading or long
time loading.
(6)Defects or damage caused by the following reasons:
(a)Burning,cutting, accidents,abuse or neglect of maintenance;
(b)Damage or worn caused by inappropriate basis;
(c)Using improper footwear or sports equipment;
(d)The product is used on other occasions other than the designed or installed purposes;
(e)Using chemical cleaning agents,herbicides or pesticides;
(f) Using improper cleaning methods;
(g)Using substandard fill materials (filling materials should be consistent with national standards);
(h)Harmful chemical reaction occurs between fill materials and the product;
(h)Re-fibrosis,after or during installation,for putting filling materials in place;
(j)Without the proper maintenance,protection or repair;
(k)PH value of air or rain is slightly acidic,lessthan7.0orslightlyalkaline,morethan9.0;
(l)Force majeure situations.

Normal wear and tear occurring after use is not manufacturing defects, and does not within the scopes of warranty in this quality assurance clause. Normal wear and tear depends on the use frequency of artificial turf
and the local climate. For the purchaser, please carefully read the latest product information about the performance of Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd .

4. Statements:

Claim(s) for the quality problem (s) occur(s) within the warranty period, should be submitted in writing form,along with proof information ,such as the date of installation ,company name of the installation, volume,roduct samples, infill samples and photos clearly showing the problem(s) etc..Please send it to:

Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd
Post Code:266555

E-mail: info@chinagrassfactory.com
Claims must be submitted within 30days after discovery of the alleged defects.

Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd does not hold responsibility for any costs or expenses incurred by
purchasing or others for testing, inspecting or consulting our company’s products.After arrival of the goods on
site, the purchaser should check all the products promptly. For any defects, short comings or lack of conformity
found after shipment arrival, the purchaser must notify our company in writing within 60 days after shipment
arrival date. Otherwise, our company will consider that our product is free from defects, shortcomings or lack
of conformity, and will bear NO relative responsibility.

The right of final interpretation belongs to Qingdao Chang Zhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd

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