Materials of artificial grass yarn: PA(nylon) PP(polypropylene), PE(polyethylene)

Most of the artificial grass turf adopt the PE yarn. PA is good in wear-resisting property, but too hard and easy to burn the skin of athletes, mainly be used for the landscaping turf. PP is used very few since its lower wear-resisting property and short lifetime. PE mainly be used for the sports artificial turf with its good wear-resisting property and soft feature.

Shape of the grass yarn: fibrillate yarn, monofilament yarn

Artificial grass with fibrillated yarn had been installed lots of in china with reasonable cost in past years, Monofilament yarn artificial turf become more and more popular recently with its beautiful appearance approximate the nature grass, excellent wear-resisting property, but the cost higher than fibrillate grass yarn.

Fibrillated grass yarn has a net side face, while the monofilament yarn is totally separated. The extrusion is used for monofilament production.

The reason for the shift to monofilament was because fibrillated yarns show signs of wearing out in 4 – 7 years due to the continued separating of the yarns.The monofilament tests show that the wear tolerance would last approximately 3 times longer.

A good monofilament turf is suitable for any ball game sport.

Pile height

The Pile Height of the soccer artificial grass is 60mm in the Euro market, while it is 40-50mm in domestic market. Same Density artificial grass, the bigger pile height, the higher purchase cost and need more infilling materials (rubber Granule, Sands)and labor cost. 50MM is ok for the common use.

The Dtex of grass yarn

Usually the Dtex of grass yarn are 6600DTEX, 8800DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX, which means the gram weight per 10,000 meters of the grass yarn for the soccer artificial grass, the Dtex should above 8800 Dtex.

The density of the grass yarn

The Density of the artificial turf is 10500needle/m2 for the 50mm pile grass, The Density high correlation with the Dtex and pile height, the bigger height or bigger Dtex, the lower density you can set when you produce the artificial grass, in a word, pls control the weight per square around 1KG.

The way of coating

Most of the artificial grass use the SBR latex and some High-end artificial grass use the PU latex with excellent yarn drawing performance, good appearance and excellent waterproofness. PU latex more environment-friendly with little additive, but its purchase cost more higher than SBR latex, 20-30%.

Shap of the Grass yarn : fibrillate yarn ,monofilament yarn

Artificial grass with fibrillated yarn had been installated lots of in China with reasonable cost, Monofilament yarn artificial turf become more and more popular recently with its beautifull appearance approximate the nature grass,excellent wear-resisting property,but the cost higher than fibrillate grass yarn.

Type of backing

We have composite PP backing ,PP+net backing, Double PP+Net backing.neither too hard, nor too soft , No cracks

The type of needle on the backing

Usually we have “一” type needle way and “Z” needle way both of them could meet the demand of different kinds of artificial turfs, but “Z” type better since this way make the grass yarn homogeneous distribution and better yarn drawing performance.
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