Sports Grass

Specification of Artificial Grass for Sports

Pile Height: 8-60mm ± 1mm
Gauge: 3/8″ 5/8″ 3/4″,3/16”

Yarn Dtex: 3300-20000

Width: 2M 4M 5M

Length: usually 25m, or customed

Mainly Used of Artificial Grass for Sports

Soccer field, tennis field, basketball field, hockey field, rugby field, baseball field, cricket field, gate ball field, golf field and running track field, multi-purpose sports field etc.

Characteristics of Artificial Grass for Sports

Consistent playability, widely installed and used all around the world which show “SANHE” artificial turf is suitable to use under many kinds of climates.

Durable, long durability and life.

Low maintenance, low cost. Artificial turf only need the regular maintenance, which is much lower than maintaining a natural grass field in labor, time, effort and capital.

Environmental, without any pollution such as heavy metals, tested by many labs such as SGS, CE etc, past the test according to EN15330 and GB/T20394.

Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers (polyethylene yarn, polypropylene yarn, nylon yarn) made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in fields for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass, such as football, soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, baseball, cricket, gate ball, golf and running track etc. The main reason is much lower maintenance cost—artificial turf stands up to heavy use, such as in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming. Domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums may require artificial turf because of the difficulty of getting grass enough sunlight to stay healthy.

More and more people want to have a field to enjoy the happiness from sports, but with the development of modern city, more and more place have been hold by high buildings and large mansions, natural grass fields are too expensive too rent for frequently sport, now artificial grass make it to be possible. Since the birth of the third generation artificial grass, not only the appearance but also sports performance of artificial grass are close to or even reach the natural grass through the technology improvement and innovation. And it has more obvious advantages of usage, much lower maintenance cost than natural grass, so it is of great value to develop different kinds of sports all over the world with artificial turf. Now more and more International Sport organization such as FIFA, UEFA, FIH etc approved the use of artificial turf in a number of high-grade competitions which will promote the development of the artificial grass.

High-quality sports artificial turf require that their grasses can withstand severe abrasion. “SANHE” Brand sports artificial grass, with quite low maintain cost, very outstanding and lasting performance, could be applied under different kinds of climates. The continual innovation of the artificial grass fiber technology ensures its flourish in different kinds of game fields. Whether when players are running, passing, sliding tackle, or shooting, “SANHE” artificial lawn will be helpful for them to bring their sport levels into full play.

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