The 12 Step to help you install the Artificial Grass !!

Prepare and test the base ground: inspect the foundation of playground to ensure it has a flat and smooth surface and appropriate slopes, making sure the foundation is qualified for installing artificial turf. The base [...]

Amazing vision after use our special five color natural look garden turf

Our Client from Euro sent us this photos and told me: Hi, Dave ,This is your 35mm five color grass, we installed them last week, look,what an amazing yard !! Yes, it is our five [...]

About the UV defender of the Artificial Grass,you need to know !!

Always got some feedback from some new clients ,They complain their grass colour fading after installed some monthes, and more serious the grass fibes became Powder. Why this happened ? Thats because no add or [...]

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New football artificial grass with two color in one stitches

New football Synthetic grass ! 40mm,45mm,50mm and 55mm,60mm, Two green color in same stitches, W shape grass fibers take very nice standing vision. 50mm,13650 Density , High quality ,  Reasonable Price !! www.chinagrassfactory.com

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