Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry produce 75 different kinds of Synthetic turf in the past four monthes of 2019

          After long time research and development, Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry produce more than 75 kinds different Artificial grass in the past 4 monthes of 2019,. we manufacture different thickness,dfferent color Grarden grass, Football grass,Tennis [...]

We are looking for Artificial grass Distributors with great Factory Support !

🐘🐘HUGE Discount !! 💲💲💲💲💲 Artificial Landscaping Garden Grass 🧐🧐We are looking for you ! Be the partner in your region ! Incredible resilience and high elastic memory with unbeatable price ! 6-8 years warranty. Leading [...]

Our 25mm 30mm 40mm Natural looking artificial grass popular in Italy market !!

These photos came from our Italy Client, Their market like our garden grass very much ! We sell our grass carpet to Italy market more than 200,000 square meters each year,Including football grass,Tennis grass,Garden grass,Golf [...]

Why The Artificial grass become more and more popular in the past fifteen years ?

Qingdao ChangZhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd focus on the Artificial grass manufacture and Install more than 10 years, We are experiencing the sharp market Expansion now, In the past 2018, the Chinese factories export the artificial [...]

SanHe Grass be showed in León,Mexico by our Client.

In September, Our Client tooe The show in León,Mexico with our Natural look Artificial grass, There are some 30mm 35mm 40mm landscaping grass for Garden,Childcare,playground,Balcony,veranda,Exhibition,Swimming pool,commercial and some decoration place. There are also some football [...]

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