Landscaping grass

Specification of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Our Landscaping artificial turf–decorative grass carpet.
Pile Height: 10-60mm ± 1mm
Gauge: 3/8″ 5/8″ 5/16″
Yarn Dtex: 6000-16000
Width: 2M 4M 5M
Length: usually 25m, or customed

Mainly Used of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Garden, swimming pool, roof garden, roadside, graveyard, three-dimensional greening, roof virescence, Vertical greening etc.

Characteristics of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

1. Durable, long durability and life.
2. Saving, no need for irrigation, saving water and cost.
3. Environmental, without any pollution such as heavy metals, tested by many labs such as SGS, CE etc, past the test according to EN15330 and GB/T20394.
4. Safe, no need for pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides.
5. Clean and Beautiful, make the yard with only green color and no mud.
6. Comfortable, you can leave for travelling any time you like and don’t need to worry about your yard.

As the cost of maintaining a yard continues to rise, an increasing number of people are looking for an economic solution and artificial grass is their answer.
Landscaping artificial grass used in all areas in recent years as the Decorative turf. Development and production of natural look increased the use of the artificial turf. In many areas it has become popular and easy to use.
The new generation of landscaping artificial turf is turfed from dark and light colored monofilament yarns. Curly yellow or green yarn located between these monofilament yarns for providing a more natural looking. This mixture of three types of yarns will decorate your garden with a natural appearance for many years with our artificial grass carpet back coatings resistant, and will decorate your balcony a lot of indoor and outdoor you can think of.
“SANHE” use the latest technology for the production of landscaping artificial grass carpet, also production according to the new synthetic turf decorative patterns monofilament yarn for a more natural look. We Designed for residential and commercial applications, it can easily fit into any space, regardless of shape or size. High-quality construction of the artificial grass fiber is backed by 5~10 years manufacturer’s limited warranty, ensuring years of continuous use. So now landscaping artificial grass have been very popular and used widely in courtyards outside the family houses.
If you can not seperate our artificial grass from natural grass in the below photos, that means you are face to face with a very successful product.

“SANHE” artificial grass has a series of high level landscaping turf with multi-purposes, including Spring artificial grass, Summer artificial grass, Autumn artificail grass and Colorful artificail grass. Our Season artificial turf imitates the natural yarn in different seasons, which will give you the visual impact. Choose this product can help your yard, showing room or entertainment places a latest fashion. This product is the most popular product in the world.

We copy the nature, let you enjoy life well.

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