Super Series High Denier 16000Dtex Artificial Grass with 8 years Long Warranty


NameSuper Series High Denier 16000Dtex Artificial Grass with 8 years Long Warranty
characteristicSH402180160-wave synthetic garden grass is a Super luxury range of turf and is suitable for all locations.It has a mixture of Three greens, Apple Green,olive Green and field Green for monofilament fibers while Beige and Brown for curly fibers which take you the natural looking vision.Moreover its Monofilament blades are WAVE shape which take great self standing.This Turf much different with the poor quality Grass,evenly color, plump yarn and flat cut will make people get rid of the feeling of fake grass. No matter touch or look on it , you feel that it is as comfortable as the ture grass, and without mud.
Model NumberSH402180160-wave
Product categoryEden Grass,Garden Grass, Landscaping Grass, Leisure Grass
Fiber of artificial grass
ColorNatural looking ,Five different color
ApplicationLandscaping, Exhibition, Commercial,Balcony,pool surrounds, play areas and indoor areas.
Gauge(row spacing)3/8”
Density18900 stitches/square meter
Pile Height40mm
BackingSBR-latex / PU, Perfect match of the SBR latex to make sure No cracking
Warranty8-10 years
CertificationsNo heavy metals certification,ageing resistancecertification,Soluble heavy metal test certification,REACH-SVHC certification
Packing2m,4m and 5m width grass Packed in rolls with PP/PE film cover
Delivery time10-15 days after confirming the order


— This Grass has the super ability to keep a relative intact surface after heavy traffic and long service time even in the sunshine long time. You can use them in the amusement park or exhibition hall as decoration without any worry.

— After long time and intense irradiate, most of the grass will become overheating, it is not good for the people to sit or play on it. But the wave shape can effectively diffuse sunlight and conserve water to prevent lawns from overheating

— It will make no difference on the appearance of the grass after there is pressure applied, with high Dtex , this grass will always keep straight and have a good looking. The people will always have a good impression when they see the grass and have a good mood.

— The aging lawn always influences the image of the city, but the high cost of the replacement will also a big problem. So the This Lawn passed the 5000h UV test, always green, from Saudi to Russia, will solve this problem easily for you.

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