Why we know your demand exactly about the ARTIFICIAL GRASS?

🧐🧐Why we know your demand exactly ? Because we install lots of fields in #china with our own #footballgrass and #soccerturf. 📍📍📍📍📍📍 👍Out football turf roll length can be 100 meters per roll 👍Even if 100meters length , it is an perfect rectangle after unroll ,which will be much better for your install. 👍we adjust the recipe of the glue for [...]

September 6th, 2019|newsk|

Qingdao Changzhou Plastic industry can produce Wrapped yarn artficiail grass

In the Artificia grass industry, there are two very famouse company named Tencate and Bona, which produce good quatity grass yarns and fibers with the unflagging effort. And now Qingdao changzhou Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd also can produce the similar grass yarns with the wrapped yarns after our research and develpment. This production process avoid the [...]

July 24th, 2019|newsk|

The 12 Step to help you install the Artificial Grass !!

Prepare and test the base ground: inspect the foundation of playground to ensure it has a flat and smooth surface and appropriate slopes, making sure the foundation is qualified for installing artificial turf. The base of the installation, which is either concrete or compacted soil, must be leveled by a bulldozer and then smoothed by [...]

July 11th, 2019|newsk|
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