How long does fake grass last?

How long does fake grass last?  

Lots of clients ask us How long does your artificial grass last? This is a complex issue, depending on the different testing methods and the placement of artificial turf.  

Some fake turf manufacturer said, For artificial grass that has little exposure to extreme weather conditions and doesn’t receive much foot traffic, the life span is mainly affected by the durability of the fibers that make them up, so they can last for over 20 years. I quite agree with this statement, as long as we keep artificial lawns indoors and protect them like flowers in a greenhouse, the 20-year life span is fine, or even longer. But who will do this?  

We set up the artificial lawns in order to save the time of taking care of the natural lawn, enjoy life better, and have fun running and playing with children, friends, and pets on the lawn.   

So as a professional artificial grass manufacturer, we focus on the safety of artificial grass, and a 5-8 years warranty of our fake grass under normal use.

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