How can there be less lawn in the courtyard! Let’s do some tricks ~

For many owners and designers, the lawn is a supporting role of the courtyard garden. In fact, The lawn is not intended to compete, if you don’t believe it, just dress it up, your lawn will be the big star of your yard.

Everyone said again, the lawn is not easy to take care of, what are you afraid ~~~, Artificial grass will help you definitely.

In many areas today, artificial turf is used instead of natural turf, so what are the advantages of artificial landscape turf? Why use it instead of natural lawns?

Artificial turf has one advantage: it is not real grass, it is better than real grass. If artificial turf wants to replace natural turf, it must first have a similarity in appearance so that the greening of the turf achieves a good visual effect. The artificial turf production technology has become increasingly mature, and the turf produced is similar in color to real grass and has a high density, which looks much the same as natural turf. It is not real grass, it is better than real grass. Besides, artificial turf is better than natural turf in terms of touch, softer and more comfortable, and brings a good contact experience. Community and parks often lay a large area of ​​specialized lawns for residents and tourists to play. In these places, artificial landscape lawns are used instead of natural lawns, which guarantees the safety and comfort of tourists.

Advantages of artificial turf: easy to care for, convenient for environmental protection. Natural turf needs to be trimmed and regularly replaced, while artificial turf saves this trouble. Artificial turf is simple to lay, wear-resistant and does not require frequent care. This kind of turf has good air permeability and water permeability, strong decontamination ability and environmental protection, and is a good choice for our greening.

Advantages of artificial turf: Simple laying and cost-saving. An important reason why artificial turf is widely used in turf greening is cost savings. If natural turf is used, the cost of transportation, care, and regular replacement will be a lot of money. Compared with natural turf, artificial landscape lawns are simple to lay and durable, which avoids these tedious costs to a certain extent

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