Application of Artificial Turf in Landscape Design of Private Courtyard !

Artificial turf does not have many main scenes in the garden landscape layout and usually appears in the form of background. Artificial turf is used as the main scene. Generally, there are the following situations.

1. Apply in a larger space

In a large, flat space, in order to highlight its wide characteristics, it can be arranged with a large area of ​​artificial grass. At the same time, it is better to reflect the openness of the space with a distant tree group for comparison. This method is usually used in large parks, botanical gardens and scenic areas.

2. Apply in a smaller space

In the arrangement of some small spaces, when there is no better treatment method, it may be better to use Synthetic grass for general treatment. Especially in small courtyards, if you use trees and stones to deal with other landscapes, the originally narrow space will be more cramped. If you learn from the layout of Chinese classical gardens and use landscape stones, corridors and other treatments, the cost is too high and difficult Larger. In this case, artificial turf can be used to achieve simple, bright and cheerful effects.

3. Make the main scene in quadrangle Space

Quadrangle space refers to the space formed by the scenery on all sides. The scenery on all sides can be mountains, buildings or tall trees. In the layout, the artificial turf is arranged in the quadruple space as the main scene. The most commonly used is the quadruple space surrounded by large trees, and the central lawn becomes the main scene of this space.

4. Use in regular green space

Geometric green, such as circles, squares, triangles, or other regular graphics usually appear in regular green spaces. In this case, artificial grass can be used for layout. Artificial turf is most suitable for expressing the characteristics of the surface. Various shapes can be expressed by the turf, and the area is relatively random. For example, many squares, hotels, front and rear of office buildings, and parking lots are built with differently shaped floor tiles and lawns, which not only meets the needs of squares and parking lots for people’s recreation and parking functions but also increases the amount of green and improves the aesthetics.

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