You NEVER buy so bad quality Artificial grass from us !!


You NEVER buy so bad quality Artificial grass from us !!

Everyone want buy good quality products with lower price, but do you know the quality realted with its price tightly ? There is no lowest price, only lower and lower price ,but lower price always take much risk, specially the Synthetic turf quality.

✅✅We have 5 years warranty Turf , actually lifetime around 6-7 years

✅✅We have 8 years warranty turf, actually lifetime around 9-10 years 

All the artificial grass fibers had been add enough Anti-Uv materails during we produce them which will help the grass carpet keep its color no change, keep its fibers not air-slake. our Anti-uv materials import from Basf which is a world famouse group from Euro.

We focus on high Quality artificial grass in the beiging even if we begin in several years ago .Now our main clients come from Australia, New zealand , Italy,Spain,UK,Kuwait,Greece, etc.

So please contact with us for any high quality chinese artificial turf carpet for garden , landscaping, football ,Soccer,Golf, tennis,basedball, rugby,multi playground.


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