Why we are Different ? Back Coating Machines

All carpets need back coating to prevent peeling off the piles,So we install the New coating machines which adopt the Latest Technology of Australia with good Precision. Its drying tunnel is 40meters,which ensures the through twist runback of the grass fiber and the absolute security of the lawn’s bottom back.
01, The Advanced spreading technology provides the alternatives to make the bottom grass roots show up or remain hidden.
02,High precison of the Dryer temperature. The grass will across several Dryers one by one,(some other coating machines only have one big dryer), The temperature of each dryers controled by PLC with high percision, so these will take same temperature when the grass fibers through same dryer, So we can get nice shape artificial grass, nice curvature of the curly fiber and same pile height of the straight fibers.
03, High Precision of the Chain, which is an important device to control the coiling of the grass rolls, if the chain dont at the same speed, The grass rolls will be same with Fan ring shape, which will take trouble when you install the grass in the fields,specially the sports fields. But our coating machine can avoid this problem, will take you nice grass carpet with the perfect rectangle even if the roll length more than 100m.

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