Why we are Different ? Tufting Machines

Our robust tufting machinery that is manufactured by Cobble Van de Wiele with the characteristic of High precision and High stability.
The movement of the bottom cloth and the sliding of the needle bar can be accurately control by the cumputerized servo systerm,In this way, the cutting accuracy of the lawn can be ensured and the quality is stable.The feeding of the fibers and the bottom cloth is transmitted by the intermittent computerized control,which is different with the traditional even-speed transmission,it prevents the needles from the continuous working when the bottom cloth is fed in,thus eliminating the unevenness of the lawn.
With the Precision Set-up of the Needles,Hook and Knife, we can produce High Quality Artificial Grass with nice Flatness surface, Nice Backing without skipping stitches and burry.
Cobble machines need less maintenance and adjustment after first set-up, so we can produce in long time, we can finish your order in short time.

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