Why The Artificial grass become more and more popular in the past fifteen years ?

Qingdao ChangZhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd focus on the Artificial grass manufacture and Install more than 10 years, We are experiencing the sharp market Expansion now, In the past 2018, the Chinese factories export the artificial grass increase 19% than 2017. Now our grass had been export Italy,UK,Spain,Australia,Mexico,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Thailand,USA,South Africa etc inlcuding Natural looking and all green garden artificial grass,3D and 4D football grass, Golf grass,Tennis Grass, leisure grass etc .

So why people like the Synthetic grass more and more ? Frankly i like the real grass much more than the Artificial turf although we are producing these turf. But me and my family always very busy in the Modern fast-paced society, we don’t have so many time to watering, pruning etc. And the pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides also will harm our children and pets.

Lucky Artificial grass can help people avoid these problems, Our high Quality turf pass the certifications by SGS and TUV, No heavy metals, They are friendly to your children and pets. Synthetic turf also save the water and save your money,no need long time maintenance which take your enough time to enjoy the family happiness !

Copy nature, Transfer Happiness !

Qingdao ChangZhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd Your one-stop Artificial grass supplier !



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