why more and more Synthetic turf is used for paddle Tennis Courts?

As we know there are different types of floor that can be used for paddle courts by the International Paddle Federation (IPF) approved.

Synthetic turf: this is the most common and long-lasting type of surface. It allows a slower paddle ball speed.

Cement: cement is very smooth and will cause the ball to roll faster and bounce higher. This is why cement is not chosen very often as a surface for a paddle court.

Synthetic materials, such as resins: encompass a great variety of finishes and are used in tournaments, as they allow better friction on the faster and slower bounces of the ball.

Porous concrete: this type of surface has pores, through which water can be drained.

But why Synthetic turf is chosen more and more as the surface for the paddle field?

Synthetic turf is much softer than other possible surface types for a paddle field, such as concrete or cement. This is a great advantage for players since they can experience pain in their ankles, back, and knees from running and jumping around on hard surfaces. This kind of pressure is evaded by playing on a synthetic turf surface.

Additionally, the artificial grass makes sure that the ball does not bounce too high and too quickly. This fact results in a better experience for players. Especially when sand is applied to the artificial grass, the playing experience enhances further.

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