What is the best thickness for landscaping artificial grass?

As a synthetic turf factory, we can produce all the thickness of artificial grass for garden and landscaping, Their thickness from 7mm-70mm with different color, different density, different hand feeling, and different design.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes, artificial grass also like this. If you prefer a really trimmed looking lawn then you will be better with a shorter yarn either a 25mm or 30mm pile height. If you prefer a fuller-looking lawn but still with that freshly cut look then you could go for a mid or longer yarn such as the 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, even 50mm 60mm pile height.

Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry Co., Ltd had designed and produced more than 200 different types of artificial lawn. It is the right choice for you to buy a lawn from us.

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