A photo of the artificial lawn from a customer in the UK

A photo of the artificial lawn after the installation from a customer in the UK.

This UK customer not only installs the artificial grass by himself but also retails our high-quality grass to other installers around Scotland, Welsh, England.

They like this 40mm natural look turf very much and re-design it into 25mm,35mm,50mm, and 60mm to meet different demand for the Garden, Balcony, Office, Exhibition Hall, and some commercial place.

For the customers from the United Kingdom, we can send the containers to your warehouse directly after we process all the details, such as pay the import duty, apply to the UK Customs, Trucking the container, etc, Then you have more time to install and sell the artificial turf.

40180Augreen is a kind of Super luxury artificial turf and is suitable for all locations, 

Special small “c” straight grass fiber

Super Soft handing feeling and springy

Looks attractive with evenly color, plump yarn, and Flat cut

Super popular in Euro&Australia market

BASF brand Anti-UV materials make sure 8 years warranty

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