About the UV defender of the Artificial Grass,you need to know !!

Always got some feedback from some new clients ,They complain their grass colour fading after installed some monthes, and more serious the grass fibes became Powder.

Why this happened ? Thats because no add or add little anti-uv materials in their grass fibers,Like our skin will be burnt under sunlight, artificial grass also can be damaged by sunlight.UV rays in sunlight are killers who have the ability to fade the Synthetic grass and reduce its lifespan. That’s why artificial grass needs high anti-UV ability to keep itself green and stable.

Our Anti-UV master batch imported from Basf European factory ,which is a word famous big group, its price much Highed than common Anti-UV master batch produced in China, Thats why we can give you exact 5 years and 8 years warranty grass to you.

You can not see any difference from the surface of the grass carpet whatever the anti-uv master batch been added, only you than after some days use. However,Lower price alway take some risk , maybe quality , maybe others, So please pay high attention when you choose your grass turf.

Now our artificial grass more and more popular in Australia and New zealand, as you know they are strong UV countries in the world because of the Ozone hole is there , but our grass carpet can meet their 8 years warranty demand with our excellent quality control.





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