First of all,Thanks very for using our artificiail grass,we promise following for your kindness:

1,We promise guarantee period according to grass specification,styles and your Climate conditions.

2,During the guarantee period, if the color fade or yarn drop off in large acreage because of the quality problems, we will resupply the new free of charge.

3,This guarantee is not available for reasons coursed due to conditions described hereinafter:

Installation disobey the construction standard methods;

Scorched, cutting, accident, destroy prepensely, abusing or careless;

Improper or unqualified design of the sport site foundation;

Abrasion coursed by the unsuitable site/ground;

Damaged by unsuitable shoes and athletic facilities;

Using in improper place which is unsuitable for specific products;

Using detergent, phytocide or pesticide;

Improper methods of cleaning, maintenance or upkeep;

Force majeure situation.

The reasonable abrasion of grass carpet which depends on the actual situation of utilization and the local climate condition, shall be without liability of the supplier.

4. Documents files for proof are requested if customer claims for compensation, including product’s lot number, date of installation, erector’s information, samples of product and padding materials, photoes of scene, and any others to testify the quality problem.

The explanation right to above clause belong to Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry Co.,ltd

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