Qingdao Changzhou Plastic industry co.,ltd.

Qingdao Changzhou Plastic industry co.,ltd. is a joint venture company, established by Qingdao Changzhou Construction Co. Ltd in Shandong located in Jiaozhou City of Qingdao, which is the bridgehead of Import and Export of China.We focus on the high Quality artificial grass produce,Now our main clients come from Australia, New zealand , Euro,America etc , Since we have our own install team in the domestic market ,so we know what kinds of grass do you wanna exactly !

For the last couple of years , Changzhou Plastic industry focus on only one thing: How to make different High Quality Artificial Grass products with reasonable cost ?  We think, we design, we manufacture and supply fine Synthetic grass to worldwide customers.

  • Good communication and understanding with customers with the experience in exporting line over 12 years.
  • Design team to survey the trends , offer new and popular products to customers, helping them get competitive advantages in the marketplace.
  • Capablity on quality control with the history of Artificial grass making over 8 years, with the support of customers all over the world, more than 100+designs covering most of the mainstream of Artificial grass.

We Can Produce:

  1. Artificial grass with pile height from 6mm-60mm;
  2. Artificial turf with Monochrome, Two-tone, Three-tone, Four tone;Five-tone
  3. Artificial lawn with monofilament fibers, fibrillated fibers, curly blades and mix yarn.
  4. Synthetic grass for landscaping, leisure and recreation, Garden, Decorative and Commercial.
  5. Synthetic turf for kindergarten, playground.
  6. Synthetic lawn for sports, including Soccer, Football, Futstal,Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Running track, Golf, Gateball.

We Service:

  1. Installation tools for artificial grass.
  2. Installation accessory (Joint tape, Glue, Rubber Granule) for artificial turf.

In 2014,we set up our Own brand “SANHE” in the international market, Now all the Importers and Distributors can get our Super support if you use our brand in your market.

Please contact with us for Artificial Grass Cost, artificial grass price list, Sports artificial grass, Landscaping artificial grass, putting green, kindergarten turf and Brand Agency affairs etc!

Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry —Experienced Engineer and Workers

Frankly most of our Engineer and workers came from our competitors with the attraction of our development vision and salary, Our Management know deeply that workers are the most important basics to keep factory run smooth, so we invited some experienced engineers in the key position, for example, The factory manager, QC manager, Machine operators, etc,some of them +10 years in the grass industry.
We use outstanding yarns to manufacture over 50 different surfaces for sports and leisure applications. Maintaining high quality standards is paramount at every stage of our manufacturing process, from checking the yarns for defects prior to manufacture, setting up the machines, checking the backings and tufted product, right through to the latex backing and final rollup of the turf.

Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry —Different Tufting Machines

Our robust tufting machinery that is manufactured by Cobble Van de Wiele with the characteristic of High precision and High stability.
The movement of the bottom cloth and the sliding of the needle bar can be accurately control by the cumputerized servo systerm,In this way, the cutting accuracy of the lawn can be ensured and the quality is stable.The feeding of the fibers and the bottom cloth is transmitted by the intermittent computerized control,which is different with the traditional even-speed transmission,it prevents the needles from the continuous working when the bottom cloth is fed in,thus eliminating the unevenness of the lawn.
With the Precision Set-up of the Needles,Hook and Knife, we can produce High Quality Artificial Grass with nice Flatness surface, Nice Backing without skipping stitches and burry.
Cobble machines need less maintenance and adjustment after first set-up, so we can produce in long time, we can finish your order in short time.

Qingdao Changzhou Plastic Industry — Different Back Coating Machines

All carpets need back coating to prevent peeling off the piles,So we install the New coating machines which adopt the Latest Technology of Australia with good Precision. Its drying tunnel is 40meters,which ensures the through twist runback of the grass fiber and the absolute security of the lawn’s bottom back,Also the long-lasting immobility of the bottom of turf.
01, The Advanced spreading technology provides the alternatives to make the bottom grass roots show up or remain hidden.
02,High precison of the Dryer temperature. The grass will across several Dryers one by one,(some other coating machines only have one big dryer), The temperature of each dryers controled by PLC with high percision, so these will take same temperature when the grass fibers through same dryer, So we can get nice shape artificial grass, nice curvature of the curly fiber and same pile height of the straight fibers.
03, High Precision of the Chain, which is an important device to control the coiling of the grass rolls, if the chain dont at the same speed, The grass rolls will be same with Fan ring shape, which will take trouble when you install the grass in the fields,specially the sports fields. But our coating machine can avoid this problem, will take you nice grass carpet with the perfect rectangle even if the roll length more than 100m.


5-8 years warranty test

How to Graranteen the lifetime of the artificial grass ?

As the manufacturder of the Artificial grass, we always put anti-uv materials into our grass fibers, most of the market want 5-6 years warranty, but for Austalia,New zealand and USA markets, People always want 8-10 years warranty grass. Luckly our Anti-uv materials always come from BASF,a world famous European company.

we never produce the 2-3 years lifetime turf to meet some lower quality market.

How to test the warranty of the Artificial grass ?

SGS adopt the Light Ageing Test to detect the lifetime of the Artificil grass.

Light Ageing Test is testing that uses aggravated conditions of heat, humidity, oxygen, sunlight, vibration, etc. to speed up the normal aging processes of items. It is used to help determine the long-term effects of expected levels of stress within a shorter time, usually in a laboratory by controlled standard test methods.


No heavy metal test

Does your Artificial grass safe ?

People always ask
Does your turf safe for my children ?
Does your turf safe for my pets ?

Yes !! our Artifcial turf 100% safe for your Children and Pets .

How to test Heavy metals of the Artificial grass ?

SGS adopt the “Toxics in packaging clearinghouse–TPCH” to test our artificial gass and its package materials .

We are Lead free,CrVi free,Cd free,Hg free !!