Qingdao Changzhou Plastic industry co.,ltd, focus on the high Quality artificial grass manufacturer,Now our main clients come from Australia, New zealand , Euro etc , Since we have our own install team in the domestic market ,so we know what kinds of grass do you wanna exactly .

For the last couple of years , Changzhou Plastic industry focus on only one thing: How to make different High Quality Artificial Grass products with reasonable cost ?  We think, we design, we manufacture and supply fine Synthetic grass to worldwide customers.

  • Good communication and understanding with customers with the experience in exporting line over 12 years.
  • Design team to survey the trends , offer new and popular products to customers, helping them get competitive advantages in the marketplace.
  • Capablity on quality control with the history of Artificial grass making over 8 years, with the support of customers all over the world, more than 100+designs covering most of the mainstream of Artificial grass.

We Can Produce:

  1. Artificial grass with pile height from 6mm-60mm;
  2. Artificial turf with Monochrome, Two-tone, Three-tone, Four tone;Five-tone
  3. Artificial lawn with monofilament fibers, fibrillated fibers, curly blades and mix yarn.
  4. Synthetic grass for landscaping, leisure and recreation, Garden, Decorative and Commercial.
  5. Synthetic turf for kindergarten, playground.
  6. Synthetic lawn for sports, including Soccer, Football, Futstal,Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Running track, Golf, Gateball.

We Service:

  1. Installation tools for artificial grass.
  2. Installation accessory (Joint tape, Glue, Rubber Granule) for artificial turf.

In 2014,we set up our Own brand “SANHE” in the international market, Now all the Importers and Distributors can get our Super support if you use our brand in your market.

Please contact with us for Artificial Grass Cost, artificial grass price list, Sports artificial grass, Landscaping artificial grass, putting green, kindergarten turf and Brand Agency affairs etc!